Understanding Your Estimate Range:

Thank you for choosing American Veterans Moving! The estimate range we have created for you is based on the products and services described above. American Veterans Moving is an hourly rate, full service mover. The majority of our moves require 2 or 3 movers to ensure your items are moved safely and efficiently, but if your Move Coordinator feels that more movers are required, we will let you know before your move starts. Our hourly rates start at $109 an hour for 2 professional movers. Each additional mover required will increase the hourly rate, but will decrease the total duration of your move. In this estimate, we used Google Maps to calculate the drive time between your origin and destination; however, things like heavy traffic or bad weather may affect the actual time. Please remember that this estimate assumes that you will be completely ready when our movers arrive at your home. The more ready you are, the less time it will take our movers to complete your move! If any additional packing is required on move day, it will be charged at our hourly rate + moving supplies.

Included on all of our moves is our one-time flat rate “Truck, Travel, Equipment & Insurance” fee, which covers professional moving equipment, gas and insurance for our moving truck, getting the team to and from your move, as well as our standard valuation protection package (which covers up to a maximum of $0.60/lb for your items). Additional charges may apply for hard to move specialty items such as pianos, safes, hot tubs, major appliances, or fragile items. Assembly or disassembly of your items, additional stops, consumable packing materials, or walking distances further than 50’ may also incur a charge, depending on your area. Don’t worry – if these items or services are listed above, they have already been included in your estimate range.

Your final invoice will include separate line items for the flat rate fee, any additional charges that may apply, and the hourly duration from the time our movers arrive at your origin address, to when we complete your move at your destination address (rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment).

Check out for help on getting ready for moving day. At the start of your move, our Crew Leader will do a detailed walk-through of your home or storage unit to make sure everything you wish to have moved has been represented in the estimate. If there are any additional moving services, boxes, or supplies that you would like included, let us know and we would be happy to provide a revision to your estimate to reflect the changes. Before your move, your dedicated Move Coordinator will contact you to explain how many movers we will bring to your move, and the details of our hourly rate. We pride ourselves in upfront pricing! It’s important to us that you understand your estimate and ultimately how you will be billed. We are here to help you at every step of the way. Our mission is to conduct a stress free move.

Thank you for choosing American Veterans Moving. Please take your time and read this contract as it explains how we will move you. When we arrive at your move and complete our initial walk-through we will ask you to sign this contract. If you’ve got any questions about this contract prior to your move day just give us a call.


We promise to arrive in the two-hour window that you booked. We’ll give you a call 15-30 minutes before your promise window to give you a better idea of our exact arrival time. In the rare case that we can’t be at your move within our two-hour window we will call you and let you know when we will be there. Your move includes two (or more if needed) of our friendly, uniformed movers. Our trained professionals will move all the items that you have asked us to from your ORIGIN (home or storage unit) into our moving trucks and to your final DESTINATION (new home or storage unit). If you requested us to pack for you, please remember that we only pack into our boxes as we need to make sure the boxes are strong and secure. If you need to buy boxes please let us know and we’d be happy to supply them to you. Once onsite our movers will disassemble your furniture and other items that you want us to move. If the furniture can’t be taken apart safely (like particle board) we’ll let you know. Unfortunately some things just aren’t meant to be taken apart. Please remember to empty all filing cabinets and desk drawers before we arrive so we can move them safely. If needed, we will disconnect your electrical appliances and, we’d be happy to arrange for a licensed 3rd party to disconnect gas appliances, ice-makers and hard-wired electrical fixtures. If you need us to pick up (or drop off) anything at an additional location(s), please let us know before your move day as we may need schedule a little extra time. Most of our moves require just one truck, but depending on the number of items that you told us you would like us to move for you, we may need to bring a second or take more than one trip. When we get to your DESTINATION (your new home or storage unit) we will carefully unload your possessions and reassemble the furniture that we disassembled.


Even though we’ll do everything possible to make your move day stress free, we do need your help. To start, it’s important that you have provided us with your accurate contact information and the complete addresses for the location(s) of your move including, both the origin and destination. Please remember, if either the origin or the destination of your move changes after the time of booking please call us immediately. Remember, it’s extremely important that you are completely packed and ready to move BEFORE our team arrives. This means you will need to have packed all of your items (into sealed boxes) that you have not specifically asked us to pack for you. This includes everything except furniture and major appliances.

We strongly recommend that all of your fragile items including lamps, china, computers, stereos, electronics, be packed using the manufacturer’s shipping boxes using protective wrap (like bubble wrap) to make sure they are safe to move. If you don’t have the original boxes, we would be more than happy to professionally pack these for you. Finally, you will need to tell us which boxes contain your fragile stuff by clearly marking “FRAGILE” on the BOTH the top and the sides of these boxes so our movers can take extra care when moving them. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for any damage done to any of your possessions if they weren’t packed and unpacked by us, so please take your time and pack them with care! Better yet, give us a call before your move and arrange to have us pack them for you! Please be sure to empty out the contents of the appliances that you have asked us to move including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and ovens. Please remember to disconnect any gas appliances, icemakers and hard-wired electrical appliances that you did not request us to have disconnected for you at the time of booking. Our movers are awesome, but they are not licensed to handle gas lines or plumbing (like water line hook ups). If you will need us to move any fuel tanks or containers they must be completely empty. Our movers are not allowed to transport hazardous materials including, without limitation, fuels, combustibles, corrosives, explosives, ammunition, firearms, or propane tanks. Finally, when our team arrives at your home (ORIGIN) please make sure we have a parking space or area that is convenient and close to your move. If we receive a parking ticket while on your move, the cost of the ticket will be added to your final invoice. You will need to do the same at the DESTINATION so we can move you in smoothly and on time. It’s also important that both you and our movers are kept safe during your move so please be sure to have the parking area and walkways cleared of snow and ice, as well as any other obstructions. Ultimately it is your responsibility to provide our movers a clear and safe access path at both your of origin and destination that you have selected. Help us help you have an awesome move.


When you booked your move with us we provided you with an estimate based on the information you gave us about your move. If our Crew Lead or movers find something unusual or different than what you told us when you booked, it may affect the time it takes to move you, and ultimately may affect your final price. We pride ourselves in upfront pricing, but because of the number of factors that we may incur during your move we cannot give you a final price until your move is complete. We are an hourly rate, full service mover. Your final invoice will be based on the actual time it takes for us to complete your move (rounded to the nearest 15 minute increments). Your estimate is based on the Products and Hourly Services that you told us about. The hourly rate you will be charged is based on how many movers are actually used to complete your move. Your final bill will also include the time it takes our movers to get from your move origin, to any stops along the way (that you have instructed us to make), and ultimately to your move destination. We use Google Maps to estimate this time however, things like heavy traffic or bad weather can affect the overall time. Please remember that our estimate assumes that you will be completely packed and ready to move when our team arrives at your home. American Veterans Moving has a Two hour minimum charge for any moving job. After the second hour, we will bill you in 15-minute increments. As soon as we arrive our Crew Lead will do an initial walk-through, and have you sign this contract. We pride ourselves in upfront pricing and want to make sure you fully understand how you will be billed. After you have acknowledged that your move is complete we stop the clock. Your estimate contains a one-time, Truck, Travel, Equipment and Insurance Fee. This flat rate fee includes basic valuation coverage for your goods ($.60/lb), travel costs from our office to your move (origin) and then back to our office from your final destination, after your move is done. This fee also includes all gas, insurance costs for our moving truck and, the professional moving equipment our team will use to move your belongings safely. This fee will be listed as a separate line item on your final invoice. Please remember to let us know if you need to change the origin or destination of your move before your move day, as this may change your charge. When booking your move we tried to get as much information as possible so that your estimate is accurate, however if our movers encounter any extra-large, extremely heavy or overly fragile items that we weren’t told about before your move day we may have to charge you a surcharge to move them. Our movers will let you know prior to moving these items if any additional charges need to be billed. If you have any items you think may fall into this category, please discuss them with us before your move day so we can give you a more accurate, up front estimate. Our estimate includes the time it takes to assembly and/or disassembly of your furniture and regular beds. Our estimate does not include cribs and some other extremely difficult and time consuming assembly/disassembly items. If you would like us to do this additional service, just let us know and we will provide you with an estimate separately from our regular charges. If you need us to bring boxes or you need to rent or buy storage pads just let us know. We offer a full selection of moving supplies that will make your packing go smoothly.


Once our movers have finished your move, your payment is due. Our Crew Leads are trained to take your payment on site, immediately after your move is done. Payment is to be paid to American Veterans Moving Services llc. For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, VISA and MasterCard. In the rare case that you cannot or do not pay for your move, you will be responsible to reimburse American Veterans Moving for all costs that are incurred in collecting payment, including any agency fees, legal fees, court costs, and related expenses. If cancelled your deposit will be non- refundable.


While our movers are trained to be very careful with your possessions, from time to time accidental damage can happen. If you discover damage after your move to any item that our team was moving it’s important that you call us immediately. Please know that we reserve the right to repair all damage(s) in question. If we feel that the damage cannot be repaired, we will pay to you $0.60/lb (Basic Valuation Coverage) per damaged item in full and final compensation in exchange for a release from you of any further obligations in relation to the damage. All claims involving accidental damage(s) must be made in writing to American Veterans Moving within 72 hrs of us completing your move, and accompanied by a copy of the paid receipt of all charges payable to American Veterans Moving. Please know that we have no obligation to honor any damages claim made later than 3 days after completion of the move. While our goal is to keep you happy, we cannot accept any claim for damages until AFTER you have paid your move in full.


Our movers are trained professionals and will make every effort possible to move your valued possessions as you direct us. Unfortunately, there are some items or situations that our movers will encounter that they cannot perform without a damage risk to your items or property. Please read through the list carefully because by signing this contract you are agreeing to unconditionally release American Veterans Moving llc. from any liability whatsoever that might occur should you wish us to perform any of these services for you.
Particleboard Furniture: Certain pre-fab furniture including, without limitation, furniture made with particleboard, press-board, and chipboard is not designed to be moved without being completely disassembled. while assembled and breaks very easily. It’s best that you disassemble this furniture prior your move. If you instruct us to move these items without disassembly, fully assembled you hereby acknowledge and agree that American Veterans Moving is not liable for any accidental damage to this furniture.

Storage Units: If you direct us to load or unload your storage unit, we are not responsible for any damage to any item that was not a direct result of our performance of moving services.

Absent Customer: The customer, or a representative of the customer who is over 18 years of age, must be present at all times during the move. American Veterans Moving will not be responsible for any missing items, damage to any items or any items that are not transported by American Veterans Moving in the event that the move proceeds without the customer or his or her agent being present.

Self-transported Items: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to any item transported, loaded or unloaded from a vehicle not owned and operated by American Veterans Moving. Self-Packed Items: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to any item that we did not pack, or to any item not packed in an American Veterans Moving box.

Load Only Moves: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damages to any item that does not remain in our immediate care, custody and control. Once the item enters a vehicle that we do not own or have not rented for the purpose of providing service to you, it leaves our custody and control and we are no longer responsible for these items.

Parking: If you request that we park our truck(s) in a location other than what we view as the most appropriate available spot, you hereby acknowledge and agree that American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to grass, lawns, bushes, driveways, shrubs, irrigation systems, or any other item that could potentially be damaged by reason of our having parked in a place other than what we view as the most appropriate available spot.

Existing Damage: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage that occurred prior to the time when a specific item was in placed in our immediate care, custody, or control, or for any damage to any item or items that are not structurally sound or otherwise defective.

Defective Items: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to any item or items that are not structurally sound or are otherwise defective.

Acts of Nature: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to items caused by road hazards or accidents, fire or any acts of nature including, but not limited to snow, ice, rain, wind, mud, flood, hail, and sun damage.

Soiled or Damaged Materials: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for soiled or damaged carpets, rugs, blankets, comforters, towels, or sheets other than those items places in a carpet shields purchased by you.

Cabinets, Drawers & Desks: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for damage to any item or file in lateral file cabinets, drawers, or desks that we remove, or for damage to any item or file that remained in any lateral file cabinet, drawer, or desk during the transport, loading, or unloading phase of the move.

Appliances: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any contents left in your appliances or, any damage to plumbing, electrical systems, or for water damage associated with the connection or disconnection of any appliance as directed by you.

Laundry Equipment: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any internal damage to Washing and Drying Equipment not professionally prepared for transit by the manufacturer or, whereby the immobilization hardware wasn’t installed by homeowners.

Valuable Papers: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for documents, tickets, deeds, manuscripts, blue prints, plans, specifications, currency, money, bonds, notes, stock certificates or other securities, or other valuable papers.

High-Value Items: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for jewels, jewelry, gems, precious metal (including high valued household goods such as silverware, watches, precious stones, pearls, furs or garments trimmed with fur, or any other high-value.

Electronic Equipment & Computers: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the inner workings of Electronic Equipment and Computers while moving them. Extremely

Fragile Items: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for damage to items that are extremely fragile.

Hazardous Materials: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage caused by any hazardous material that you have packed and of which you have failed to notify You Move Me.

Plants: American Veterans Moving is not responsible for any damage to live plants, or pots are not properly packaged in a box even though we will take the utmost care if you want us to move them. Please remember that by signing this contract you acknowledge that you have reviewed the above waiver items and that you agree to release American Veterans Moving from any liability that might occur while moving these items or performing these services.


By signing this Contract, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless American Veterans Moving and its officers, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, predecessors, successors, assigns and associated companies from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, and consequential damages, taxes, costs, losses and actual legal expenses incurred by them in connection with any claim, litigation or other action or proceeding made or brought by third parties arising out of, related to, or connected with any personal injury and, or alternatively, property damage which may result from or be caused by your own intentional, deliberate or negligent conduct, or that of any person acting on your behalf, or as a result of your having packed any Hazardous Materials without notifying us of that fact. Thank you for taking the time to review and sign this contract. We look forward to moving you!